Gamechanger for Maths Worded Problem Worksheets Released

Primary Teachers,

After a long prep time, the EdShop Maths Worded Worksheets (what a mouthful!) have been released. Like every new product release anywhere, the creators are confident (read “hopeful”) that these worksheets will help teachers save many hours of their valuable time, freeing them up for the more pressing things teachers do.

We won’t try to convince you by writing reams of words.

Rather, we’d like you to TRY our worksheets, FREE of all cost.

Simply go to and press the Free Sample Worksheet button. You’ll be impressed.

And the Worksheets now come in 3 primary school levels: mid-primary, upper primary and gifted/extension. So, when you place your order, you can choose one level, or two, or all three. DISCOUNTS APPLY for multiple level orders.

From just $29 per level for a whole school year’s worth of worded maths problems. Emailed weekly to your inbox.

You simply can’t go wrong!

Go on, off you go to, before you forget.

Robin P.

P.S. Oh, and if you’d like a FREE sample of each level of Worksheet, please send an email request to We’ll respond fast!!

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