Well, Someone has to say it!!

Too often in the “World of Education”, some of the good old, PROVEN teaching approaches have been pushed out — ignored — by well-meaning educators, and busy teachers who are simply trying to “survive” the administrative demands in the classrooms of today.

Whatever happened to the chanting of Times Tables, that was so rigorously taught in the first 10 minutes of each and every school day in primary schools?

It was seen as “BORING”! That’s what happened.

And good old ROTE LEARNING was deemed “unacceptable” by the educational establishment (most of whom had been brought up on a strict diet of rote learning Times Tables, but who are now denying the benefits of same to recent, present and future, it seems, generations).

Many a teacher in today’s primary schools longs for an opportunity to have the children in their class learn tables at a proficient level through rote learning. Yes, they LONG for it!

But do they DARE to put it into practice? Not likely, in the present school climate.

Interestingly, and to be perfectly honest, teaching times tables doesn’t have to be boring. The actual rhythm of the chanting adds interest! Speed it up, slow it down! Loud, then soft! Set it to music! Whatever. BUT TEACH THE TABLES!!

For years the concept of teaching tables by rote learning, and automatic response and mental arithmetic, have been frowned upon.

Educationally unacceptable, that’s how they’re seen by the powerful educational hierarchy.

BUT . . .

Is it TOO UNCOOL to actually use an old, proven teaching techniques to help ALL children achieve a level of mathematical competency, by mastering basic times tables?

Definitely NOT!!

The time has come for us all to accept the need for a return to some traditional, truly worthwhile teaching practices.

Let’s be brave! Let’s be DARING!!

Let’s TEACH TABLES to our primary-age children. The way we oldies learned them.

The children definitely need it!

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