Cheap minders make maths interesting!!

What would YOU charge for a pop star to stand in front and centre of YOUR house for a photo opportunity? Would it be in the tens of dollars? The hundreds? The thousands?

Whatever your price, the elderly Jeanette, in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia was offered $300 for the deal That’s $300 Australian dollars.

Did she take it? Yes!

Should she have asked for more?


Why didn’t she?

Well, it seems that Jeanette had absolutely no idea of who Beyoncé was, let alone what this situation was potentially worth financially.

Oh, well, we all make mistakes, don’t we?

But this little cameo has given us a golden opportunity to create a range of maths problems for our maths worksheets, using Beyoncé as a hook, an interest, a real and topical situation.

And surely THAT’S what maths is all about.

Go to for a sample maths worded problem worksheet. You won’t be sorry!

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