Smarter Kids getting short-changed by our schools

Recent research by Professor Patrick Griffin has found that teachers are adding little “value” to the education of students who are already great at reading, literacy and maths.

Surprised? We think not!

Teachers are confronted daily by an enormous array of tasks, many of which have little to do with classroom performance.  Whenever society detects a problem with the youth of our country — drugs, alcohol, erratic bike-riding, sex education — you name it, the school is supposed to fix it.

What workload is removed to make way for the “new curriculum area”? Nothin!

Professor Patrick Griffin also made the point that in a typical class, students are academically at about four separate proficiency levels in any given subject. So to cater for the individual differences in proficiency, a teacher would need to prepare four separate lesson plans for a single class.

The present curricula don’t seem to cater to this demanding regime.

Interestingly, previous research had found that the lowest 25 per cent of students were making huge improvements in standards, while the top 25 per cent were not improving, on average.

Who ever said teaching is easy?

Do these findings surprise you? Frightening, aren’t they?

What can we do about it?

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