Yo-yos, Hula Hoops, Tamagotchies and other School Crazes

We’ve all done it! Enjoyed the latest school craze.

Footy cards, Coca Cola yo-yos, swap cards, Pokemons, Nike shoes,  . . . you name it, we’ve all been bought and sold trying to match toe sterling efforts of our peers.

And now, the latest craze — the Rainbow Loom.

The “What?” you ask.

Yep, it’s the Rainbow Loom. Today’s kids are actually spending time on an activity that has no batteries, no power requirements whatsoever, no wires, no graphics, no sound effects. It’s something that demands considerable dexterity, a fair call on creative flair, and, above all, concentration.

Could this be the answer to a parent’s prayer? Maybe!

The Rainbow Loom involves the marrying together of plastic looms and bands. Demonstrated on Youtube, and promoted on Google, girls AND BOYS all over the world have become transfixed by this amazing, counter-intuitive product that seems to defy the technological age in which we live.

Yes, this is a “back to the future” craze. And we’re lovin’ it!

Bring on more crazes like this! Please!!



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