“Wot? Me worry?”

Alfred E Neuman’s (MAD Magazine!) famous slogan seems totally appropriate.

This morning’s “The Age” newspaper (26/4) carried an article titled “Asia holds maths key”.

There has, over the past couple of months, been a succession of articles and opinion pieces in the Australian media, all bemoaning the fact that standards of maths and literacy in Australian schools isn’t what it should be.

Here’s yet another indication that something’s wrong.

And, as noted in a previous blog, the answer doesn’t seem to have a strong correlation to “money spent” on education. No, far more important are curriculum-related matters, and teacher training and support.

SURELY the time has come to admit past failures, and to at least BEGIN the path back to sensible, planned curriculum reform. And surely, the place to start is to dialogue with the very teachers who are at the moment attempting the impossible. An impossible curriculum, impossible expectations of educational administrators, the authorities (whom-ever they are!), Principals, NAPLAN test results, parents and the general community.

So, according to the quoted article, “Asia holds the maths key”. Does it just?

We in Australia have the capability to be streets ahead. All we have to do is put our funding where the teachers in our schools need it to be spent — on a curriculum (in maths and literacy) that will “deliver the goods”, and on teacher salaries. They deserve better!.

Wot? Me worry? You bet!

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