The Educational “Elephant in the Room”

Yes, it’s NAPLAN results time again. And, yes, the debate rolls around again.
But, amidst all the conjecture and criticism(s), surely it’s time to appreciate some of the POSITIVES that NAPLAN has to offer all — parents, teachers, schools, governments.

The sheer CLARITY of the reports that parents receive from the NAPLAN organisation are breathtaking in their simplicity.

Maybe they’re not always entirely accurate.

But, show me a school report that IS, and I’ll show you a pig flying through the air.

Maybe they’re not offering reports on children who have been entirely “unfettered” by well-meaning teachers who are simply doing their best to show their charges in a positive light.

But, show me a teacher who doesn’t mean well by helping his/her students present themselves in the best possible way in their NAPLAN testing, and I’ll show you a real rarity!

Maybe the NAPLAN testing DOES cause some students considerable anxiety and stress.

But perhaps that’s the best possible preparation for a life that is full of — well, “anxiety and stress”.

You may not agree with me!

Many won’t!

But I firmly believe that NAPLAN offers ALL a great starting point to a better future for students.

What’s YOUR view?

Robin Philbrick

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