Christmas for Teachers — What NOT to give, and What TO give!

Teachers don’t need a huge, long novel, for starters. Concentration levels of teachers at this time of year are shot!
And, among the list of stuff that teachers accept with a smile, but privately “lose” very quickly, are the following, according to our not-so-detailed research:
scented candles
edible things made by kids
hand-made jewellery constructed enthusiastically by children
garden gnomes
coffee mugs

Cruel, isn’t it? So, don’t feel bad as you mentally reject gift after gift, but always with a smile on your face.

BUT, to close, what’s the one TRUE gift for which a teacher longs?

The gift that keeps on giving?

The gift that somehow makes it all worthwhile?

Yes, it’s that hand-written card, usually written by a parent, expressing their genuine gratitude for all your efforts with their child.

No amount of money can buy that!

So, at this time of year, look at the cards you received.

And be willing to accept the compliments that have come your way.

You deserve them!

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