Teachers and an “Online Parable”

There’s something very special about ordering stuff online!

Something that’s not talked about.

Something that’s a given, but not really respected.

It’s a bit like the life of a teacher, really.

People expect so very, VERY much from we teachers.

Unrealistic expectations in many cases.

Not really discussed anywhere. Except by teachers themselves, in the staffroom, or at the pub.

But, let’s get back to the “parable”.

When we order something online, sure, we usually get a better price.

Or a better colour range, or the exact size we want.

What we don’t get is an IMMEDIATE delivery.

But, in a sense, that’s one of the most exciting and fascinating things about our online purchase.


We have to anticipate it’s arrival. It’s a bit like waiting for Christmas Day to open the presents.

Waiting with eager anticipation can be, and is, fun.

The arrival of the delivery truck is a source of great joy!

And so it is with teaching.

Not everything can be accomplished to our satisfaction immediately.

But we can work hard, safe in the knowledge and anticipation that the children we teach will benefit from the hard work we put in to them. Every school day.

All that lesson prep, all that energy we put into presenting our lessons in an attractive way, all those countless hours of correction, late at night at home.

All worthwhile!

We have to learn to wait. And anticipate.

Just like online purchasing!

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