Who said we can’t make Maths Teaching Aussie, Interesting and FUN?

With all this stuff happening around Australia and the world — the International Cricket, the NSW Elections, the sacking of the Top Gear host, the death of Malcolm Fraser, the cyclones, the winning of over $1 million on the TV quiz — and heaps more, the opportunities for INTERESTING, RELEVANT, REAL maths problems have never been better.

Not to mention the latest iwatch thingo, and the promise of new iphones coming out in the next few months.

In this technological age, school children across Australia are tuned in to technology, sport and entertainment like never before.

And it’s the wise teacher, the clever teacher, the perceptive teacher that literally GRABS that natural interest and builds upon it.

No, maths doesn’t need to be boring and predictable.

Maths can be — in fact NEEDS TO BE — interest-filled, topical, relevant.

Oh, yes, and fun!

So why not — I say WHY NOT — combine reading comprehension skills, maths skills, current affairs and pop idols with our maths teaching to create a MEANINGFUL maths — not an irrelevant one.

Just a thought!

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