A Topical Maths Question — Teachers Stranded in Bali

What a time for this to happen.

Late in the Term 2 school holidays, just when many, many teachers and their families are winding up their 10-day Bali holiday, WHAMMO!

Let’s say there were 10,000 Aussie teachers over there, relaxing in that warm, inviting climate.

And let’s say that 14% of them flew home to Australia by 6th July, 2015.

Well, a relevant maths question is the following: “How many Aussie teachers are still stranded in Bali on the first day back for many schools — 13 July?

Yes, it’s a simple question, and the answer isn’t difficult to arrive at.

This, though, is TYPICAL of the way in which the EdShop maths worksheets use current events to bring home the relevance of maths to primary students, week by week during every school term.

To see how these maths worded problem sheetsRobin Pic work, simply request a free 3-week trial at our website at http://www.EdShop.net.au by completing the simple request form. Your free trial will commence IMMEDIATELY.

Meanwhile, we hope and pray that the problems currently besetting Bali, and the delays in getting people back to Australia, will be overcome very, VERY shortly.

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