The “B” word in teaching primary Maths

So . . .

Alexander, the year 12 student from a Melbourne school, came 4th in the TOUGHEST maths exam in the world!

Congrats, Alexander! A FANTASTIC effort.

And what did he have to say about the way maths is taught in schools in Australia?

BORING! The “B” word!

” . . . boring, to be frank!” he said.

Wow! Let’s make a note of that comment, from the 18-year-old who came 4th in the world. Yes, the whole world.

Surely that tells we teachers — primary and secondary — something about the way in which we approach teaching this vital subject.

In an age in which stuff seems to happen at an ever-increasing rate of knots, we need to be not simply teaching the skills and process of maths.

We need to be nurturing POSITIVE ATTITUDES towards this curriculum area that occupies so much of our teaching time each week.Robin Pic

We need to ensure that each student sitting before us feels to some extent successful — even to the slightest extent — so that they will be ENCOURAGED to tackle a slightly-more-difficult maths problem next time.

We need to add a touch of FUN to our maths sessions.

It ain’t hard. But we MUST do it!

For the sake of the children entrusted to our teaching.

If you need a start, visit our website at to get a few freebies that will give you a feel for fun in maths.

Go on! Try it! Your class — and your teaching colleagues — will be incredibly grateful to you!

And can you share with us some other fun maths resources that you’ve found truly useful, and FUN!

Just mention them in the “Comments” panel at the bottom of this blog.

Let’s help each other here!

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