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Teachers: Johnny Depp’s Doggies make ideal maths teaching stuff

Sometimes the TV news brings great teaching opportunities.

Like Johnny Depp’s lack of obedience to Australia’s quarantine laws.

So, what have WE done?

We’ve created a maths worksheet that includes a problem or two about Johnny’s doggies. Yes, maths questions about something really topical, really funny, and really appealing to the very students you teach.

And that’s only ONE topic covered. There are heaps more!

Like the national Girl Guides’ Biscuit day fundraiser. And the Hamish Blake bikeride through some of Italy’s mountains, and Roger Federer being beaten by Aussie tennis star Nick Kyrgios.

Why NOT let kids see how maths works in everyday life?

Education today . . .It’s so frustrating !

Am I just a grumpy old man? Or what?

Is it just me, or do I suspect that today’s teachers are sort of “locked in” to the teaching methods and strategies of 2014, but are disregarding many of the tried and true teaching methods of the past?

Yes, I AM old!

Yes, I did teach for 30 years.

Yes, I did make use of rote learning, of sight vocab in reading, of phonics to support the sight vocab.

Yes, when a student couldn’t cope with a particular method or concept, I’d find a work-around.

Yes, I’m having SOME doubts that teachers of today are being encouraged to disregard those proven methods.

Replace them, maybe, with the latest piece of technology.

For what?

Children need to follow that basic teaching tennet — to move from the known to the unknown.

It’s basic. It’s common-sense. And it’s a real encouragement and motivator for the struggling student.

Yes, I’m grumpy about the number of students struggling unnecessarily academically.

Let’s ALL get behind them, and give them the encouragement and self-confidence they need to maximise the potential they have.

That’s my plea!

And if we do, then maybe I won’t be quite so grumpy.

Don’t you agree? What’s YOUR view?