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Teach Fractions This Way!

Sometimes, the teaching of fractions isn’t easy!

Some children just DON’T get it!

What many of them need is to learn virtually by rote learning. Yes, I hear what you say! Rote learning went out with the ark, you say! Well, maybe it shouldn’t have!

Because SOME children — and I mean just SOME — need heaps of revision in each level of fraction manipulation — addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions as operators.

And if they don’t get enough practice, then they don’t reach any sort of mastery of this important topic.

Enter our solution.

We are about to release our “Single Skill Fraction Worksheets” for students struggling with this topic at the upper primary level.

These sheets are EXACTLY what they say they are. For example, in addition of fractions, one of these worksheets contains EXACTLY 80 fraction problems, each of which is a subtraction of fractions with same denominators. The student doesn’t need to do all 80 of these fraction sums — only enough to feel confident in his/her understanding of the process. Then, and only then, should they go on to the next sheet, which will introduce them to addition of fractions with different (but quite simple!) denominators. And this worksheet is typical of the rest of the worksheets in the pack. Each worksheet contains just one particular skill being taught, 80 times over. Sufficient practice for almost any student!

A teaching process that follows that old guideline for teachers: “Move from the known to the unknown”!

Nothing new here, just a solid teaching process that leads to mastery of fractions.

Our Fraction Single-Skill Pack is going to be released in August.

But if you’d like a couple of samples RIGHT NOW, free of cost, simply email your request to info@EdShop.net.au and we’ll get them off to you straight away.

Why struggle with the teaching of fractions, when a great resource like this is will be readily available?

No, Sir! It’s NOT the Teacher’s Fault!

Who to blame?

Declining standards in primary school achievement levels Maths, in English, in Spelling, in Grammar, in Punctuation, in . . .  well, you name it!

The research is in.

And, it seems, Australian students are struggling to achieve what students in other countries are achieving.


Well, maybe . . . just MAYBE . . . the “Educational Authorities” are asking far too much of teachers, while simultaneously ignoring the need of teachers for structured, sensible, PRACTICAL curricula that can actually BE implemented in classrooms around this wonderful nation.

Some of us are providing worthwhile materials that HELP students to develop the skills needed in these areas.

Others just TALK about it. And talk is cheap.

We need curriculum support materials that genuinely help teachers to help their students, without demanding time-consuming preparation.

We need Educational Leadership to actually DELIVER THE GOODS. Not theorise about it, leaving teachers to “close the gaps.”

Our Worksheets are a great example of stuff that actually WORKS in the classroom.

To the benefit of all — students, teachers and schools. Thousands are now using them. To great effect.

Give them a go!

Teachers: Johnny Depp’s Doggies make ideal maths teaching stuff

Sometimes the TV news brings great teaching opportunities.

Like Johnny Depp’s lack of obedience to Australia’s quarantine laws.

So, what have WE done?

We’ve created a maths worksheet that includes a problem or two about Johnny’s doggies. Yes, maths questions about something really topical, really funny, and really appealing to the very students you teach.

And that’s only ONE topic covered. There are heaps more!

Like the national Girl Guides’ Biscuit day fundraiser. And the Hamish Blake bikeride through some of Italy’s mountains, and Roger Federer being beaten by Aussie tennis star Nick Kyrgios.

Why NOT let kids see how maths works in everyday life?

Teachers and an “Online Parable”

There’s something very special about ordering stuff online!

Something that’s not talked about.

Something that’s a given, but not really respected.

It’s a bit like the life of a teacher, really.

People expect so very, VERY much from we teachers.

Unrealistic expectations in many cases.

Not really discussed anywhere. Except by teachers themselves, in the staffroom, or at the pub.

But, let’s get back to the “parable”.

When we order something online, sure, we usually get a better price.

Or a better colour range, or the exact size we want.

What we don’t get is an IMMEDIATE delivery.

But, in a sense, that’s one of the most exciting and fascinating things about our online purchase.


We have to anticipate it’s arrival. It’s a bit like waiting for Christmas Day to open the presents.

Waiting with eager anticipation can be, and is, fun.

The arrival of the delivery truck is a source of great joy!

And so it is with teaching.

Not everything can be accomplished to our satisfaction immediately.

But we can work hard, safe in the knowledge and anticipation that the children we teach will benefit from the hard work we put in to them. Every school day.

All that lesson prep, all that energy we put into presenting our lessons in an attractive way, all those countless hours of correction, late at night at home.

All worthwhile!

We have to learn to wait. And anticipate.

Just like online purchasing!

Christmas for Teachers — What NOT to give, and What TO give!

Teachers don’t need a huge, long novel, for starters. Concentration levels of teachers at this time of year are shot!
And, among the list of stuff that teachers accept with a smile, but privately “lose” very quickly, are the following, according to our not-so-detailed research:
scented candles
edible things made by kids
hand-made jewellery constructed enthusiastically by children
garden gnomes
coffee mugs

Cruel, isn’t it? So, don’t feel bad as you mentally reject gift after gift, but always with a smile on your face.

BUT, to close, what’s the one TRUE gift for which a teacher longs?

The gift that keeps on giving?

The gift that somehow makes it all worthwhile?

Yes, it’s that hand-written card, usually written by a parent, expressing their genuine gratitude for all your efforts with their child.

No amount of money can buy that!

So, at this time of year, look at the cards you received.

And be willing to accept the compliments that have come your way.

You deserve them!

Rote Learning — The old way, or the NEW way? A Mentor, please!

These days in schools, it’s cool to be cool.

It’s GREAT to be up with the latest IT, the software that promises so much.


So many valuable educational dollars spent on so much fantastic-sounding technology.

So many valuable educational dollars spent on the promise of software that will deliver great outcomes.

So few teachers who are in a position to capitalise on all this “promise” that surrounds them.

So, what is a school administrator to do?

Look good? Appear progressive with government and with peers?

Or SLOW DOWN, and bring along the teachers in an orderly, sensible, encouraging manner?

How about, then we all slow down, take a well-earned, much-needed educational “deep breath”, so that some of the proven teaching and learning methods of the past aren’t “lost” in the “promise” of the new, state-of-the-art technologies and hardware that at the moment seem largely a diversion, rather than a valuable teaching tool.

The old ways, like rote learning. Getting number facts and functional vocab into the long term memory of students.

Like, “automatic response” development, such as the teachers of old used to learn their tables, their spelling, their — lots!

And, how about we encourage each and every teacher to find their own teaching mentor — someone whom they trust, respect, “worship” and can easily learn from as they seek to improve their own teaching performance.

Too much to ask?

Too much NOT to ask!

Best Teacher Christmas Prezzie Ever?

And WHAT does a Chalkie want for Christmas?

Loads of possibilities.

But, I mean REALLY want?

Well, to the typical teacher, it’s as simple as — relaxation.

No meetings, no yard duty, no reports to write, no lesson planning.

Don’t know how Santa can wrap this very special teacher gift up, but . . . he’ll find a way!

So, relax, and enjoy!

You’ve earned it!

Have a happy and holy Christmas.